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LTC Worldwide delivers Training, Consultancy and Testing services to the Textile, Hospitality and Laundry markets globally. Our clients include hotel groups, laundries, detergent and chemical suppliers, textile manufacturers, distributors and buyers, hospitals, cruise ships, super yachts and laundry equipment companies.


LTC Worldwide training is tailored to support your business. Training is usually conducted with your employees only on a closed course with duration of one to four days. LTC Worldwide training courses include:

• Laundry Technology for the Engineer
• Laundry Technology for the Supervisor and Manager
• Textiles for Launderers
• Laundering for Textile Suppliers
• Laundry and Textile Fault Investigation
• Healthcare Textiles and Their Maintenance

LTC Worldwide can offer bespoke training in the areas of management for launderers and textile suppliers and manufacturers. Training is usually conducted in small groups.

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LTC Worldwide provide a wide range of comprehensive and detailed consultancy services which are all supported with in-depth reports to under pin our recommendations using (where possible) non-technical terms, in a logical format for all levels of reader with pictures, charts and graphs where appropriate. Due to the unique and often complex issues on the consultancy projects undertaken we always provide a detailed quotation for all work undertaken.
LTC Worldwide consultancy includes Quality Monitoring, Laundry Audits, Textile Mill Audits, Production Streamlining and Improvements, Lean Management, Implementing EN14065, Textile Labelling, Textile Specification, Detergent Development and Assessment, Strategic Reviews, Tender Evaluation and Assistance with Tender Presentation, Arbitration and Wash Process Design and Monitoring, the list is not exhaustive.
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There are a wide range of possible tests available in our UKAS accredited laboratory. At LTC Worldwide we are skilled and experienced in testing textiles for Hotel Groups, Textile Manufacturers and Suppliers Launderers and Detergent Suppliers.
LTC has developed several bespoke test procedures for specific issues including determining the potential for workwear garments to be contaminated with residual nut allergens and for simulating spontaneous combustion. If you have a specific requirement one of our technicians will assist you.
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Our clients include:
BA, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Hilton Hotels, The Lanesborough Hotel, The Café Royal, Premier Inn, Frette Linens, Berendsen, Ecolab and Christeyns.